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While there are numerous websites and apps that offer 360 degree panoramic tours, there are few that combine the immersive photographic content with historical information. This website seeks to fill that gap by providing virtual tours that offer a 360 degree perspective while also explaining the significance of what you see. Virtual Traveler features both desktop tours and tours that can be viewed through Google Cardboard and similar headset devices.  The world awaits.....
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Small VT GraphicTypes of Virtual Tours: There are two categories of tours available:

op Tours with audio narration--they are free and featured on this site. Thes first set of tours were created on Round Me, a 360 photosphere website.  They may be viewed from your desktop or mobile device, as well as via the VR headsets on mobile devices using the Round.Me app. However, the audio files will not play on the mobile device app using a headset. Paneek is another virtual tour site. It differs from Round Me in that one does not have to download photospheres, but can simply access them on Google Maps.  It is more text and photo based, but allows creation of tours that would otherwise not be possible. There is no companion app for Paneek, as it is strictly a web-based program. Finally, Google Expeditions has become available to the public and allows use of their many panoramas. Desktop versions of tours are presented on this site, and they may also be accessed on tablets and phones by downloading the apps from the link provided here.

VR Headset Tours that utilize Google Cardboard or similar VR headsets. Most of them can also be used without VR gear on the smartphone's screen. Unlike the VR option on the Round Me app, these offer audio narration. And, unlike Google Expedition tours, these are standalone apps that do not require online access. The apps are available on Google Play or the iTunes store. There are links to these below each desktop tour. Most are free (including the "Lite" versions) while the more elaborate tours are offered at a nominal charge.
To see the virtual tours either click on the map below (which will take you to the respective region) or use the table below to access a specific tour.

LatviaSwedenMelaka Historic DistrictPolonnaruwa Sacred QuadrangleLuang PrabangWat Phra KaewWat Phra Kaew (Bangkok)Bagan Archeological ZoneShinsoji TempleBaalbek, LebanonAngkor WatTaj MahalHagia Sophia, IstanbulFlorence, ItalySan Miguel de Allende

Index/Quick Start Guide (17 Locations and 22 Tours to Date)
Clicking on the Continent headings will take you to that area page, while clicking on the individual tours will take you directly to that tour.
Middle East






Sri Lanka


* Indicates a Google Cardboard mobile VR app for iPhone and Andoid in addition to the desktop tour

VR App FAQ: here you can find answers to issues related to the Google Cardboard and VR headset apps

Virtual Traveler Icon Goes HereAbout the Virtual Traveler Project
I am a retired international school teacher who enjoys visiting historic sites and creating virtual tours for students, the disabled, and armchair travelers.
I continually building up this website, making desktop tours and also apps to be used in Google Cardboard or similar virtual reality headsets. They will feature sites in Asia and elsewhere. Please bookmark the site so that you can return and see what has been added. Most of the software used to make these tours is free or inexpensive, and within the reach of most teachers and hobbyists. If you have questions about how to make these tours, suggestions for tours you would like to see, or suggestions for improving the tours on this site, please email me here.
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